Over the past 50 years, Stanley Industries has partnered with many fastener and industrial supply vendors.  Having so many sources to locate fasteners and industrial supplies helps us pass on the best possible quality product and price to our customers.  Our customers are not afraid to ask for that irregular size bolt or odd type of industrial supply because they know Stanley will be able to find the item they are searching for.  Below are just some of Stanley’s partners and links to their websites/catalogs:

Accurate Threaded Fasteners, Inc.

(Delta PT & screws for plastics)

Arconic -Marson

(blind rivets, rivet nuts, tools)

Auveco (Auto-Vehicle Parts Co.)

(automotive specialty fasteners)

Aztech Locknut Company

(nylon insert locknut products)

Brighton Best International

(fasteners & industrial supplies)

Cable Tie Express

(cable ties & accessories)

Champion Cutting Tool Corp

(cutting tools & drill bits)

Chicago Hardware & Fixture Company

(eyebolts, u-bolts, shackles, turnbuckles)

Diamond Saw Works, Inc.

(sterling saw blades)


(threaded inserts for metal & wood)

Fehr Bros. Industries, Inc.

(chain, cable, wire rope)

Hillsdale Tool & Terminal

(solderless terminals & wiring products)

Ken Forging, Inc

(forged eyebolts & turnbuckles)

Kerr Lakeside, Inc.

(domestic socket products)

Keystone Abrasive

(sanding discs & belts)


(high-performance adhesives, sealants & coatings)

LPS – Spray Chemicals

(chemicals, lubricants, degreasers)

Micro Plastics, Inc.

(plastic fasteners)

ND Industries

(patching/adhesive applications)


(vibration proof lockwashers)

Powers Fasteners

(anchoring & fastening products for concrete, masonry, and steel)

Rotor Clip

(retaining rings, constant section rings, spiral rings, wave springs, self-compensating hose clamps)

Western Wire Products

(pins & assorted wire forms)