Developing screws for the ever changing technology of the 21st century

Since 1997, Stanley Industries has been an authorized distributor of the Quickscrews International line of specialty screws for the woodworking and furniture industries. We valued the fact that this innovative company had researched and developed products with our woodworking customers in mind.

By meeting with customers and observing manufacturing techniques, they were able to design and develop products that would alleviate most of the problems associated with fasteners and woodworking. With an inventory of over 800 woodworking fasteners developed over the past 20 years, Quickscrews International was the perfect choice for our valued cabinet and furniture manufacturing customers.

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Phil Flat with 4 nibs under head Quick$crew Assembly screw

Quick$crews can be used in Particle board furniture assembly, as well as soft woods such as pine, helping to eliminate the splitting problem that usually occurs with standard
wood screws.