About Us


STANLEY’s Mission Statement:

  • Is appropriate to the purposes of the STANLEY organization
  • Includes a commitment to meeting requirements and continual improvement
  • Provides a framework for establishing and reviewing the company’s quality objectives
  • Is communicated and understood at appropriate levels in the organization


Strategic Direction


STANLEY is a full line distributor of fasteners and industrial supplies and is committed to excellence and personalized service to our customers. Our core vision is to:

  • Intimately know our customer’s business, goals, and operations so we can assist in their growth and success.
  • Combine all of our knowledge, experience, technology, and employees in order to provide total customer satisfaction.
  • Advance in knowledge of progressive fastener technology systems, assemblies, and applications.
  • Be committed to continuous improvement in all areas of our organization.
  • Achieve acceptable levels of Inventory Turnover Ratio, GM, ROI, ROA, and Net Profit.


Our goal is to be a company that our customers:

  • Realize our staff has a vast knowledge of fastener and its requirements.
  • Knows that we will deal with them with integrity and honesty.
  • Provide our customers with the best products available at a fair price.

To meet our goal:

  • We need to listen carefully to what our customers want. Our customer defines quality.
  • We have to be aggressive in seeking out ways to serve our customers.  Each of us contributes to the total effort and each of us is responsible for doing the best job we can.
  • We should not be afraid to take chances for our customers.
  • We must work as a team – we cannot do it alone, we have to come together to better serve our customers.
  • We should strive to make a valuable contribution to our community in which we live and work.
  • We must maintain a commitment to quality, service and dedication to our customers and keep our competitive advantage.
  • We must remember that excellence is achieved by preventing problems rather than correcting them       after they occur.