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Watson Woodrow Stanley

April 12, 1924 - May 18, 2020

Value Added Services

  • Custom Parts (per print)

    Fasteners that are not standard must be manufactured to a drawing or print and are considered “per print” parts. Custom parts are mainly needed when a head size is special, uncommon plating, irregular diameter, unusual material, or in between lengths are called out for a specific process or job. Stanley is ISO 9001:2015 certified, so you can be assured your specifications will be fully meet. Stanley can cold-head, hot forge, or screw machine any fastener that you or your customers require. Through secondary processing we can drill, grind, plate, sort, head paint, nylon patch/pellet, apply thread-locking applications, and perform various other transformations to any fastener.

  • Customized Labels

    Stanley can create customized labels for you or your customers. Some common fields often on labels include bar codes, PO numbers, part numbers, ship to locations, descriptions, pictures, quantities, country of origin, etc. Stanley can include all these and more on your customized label. Stanley also generates scannable labels, such as QR code, UPC code, Data Matrix, Aztec, Codablock, PDF417, Maxicode, and many other types of labels. If you have specific labeling or scanning requirements just inquire with one of our experienced sales representatives and they will be able to answer all your labeling questions.

  • Cut-Offs & Chamfering

    Stanley recognizes that some customers have unique requirements. Our In-house cut off & chamfer capabilities will help you meet those unique length requirements. We carry multiple in-between lengths of socket head cap screws, hex head cap screws, threaded rod, threaded studs, and other special length products. We stock these fasteners with extra thread length so we can cut to your length specifications in increments down to 1/16ths (inch or metric), with the fastest turn around in the industry!

  • On Time Delivery

    When it comes to on time delivery Stanley Industries excels every time. Stanley can accommodate your daily, weekly, or monthly shipping requirements. We export 1/4 keg cartons to full containers to our customers located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, Italy, India, China, and many other locations in Europe, Asia, and even other continents!

    Delivery Options:
    FedEx & UPS: Orders placed by 4:00pm EST on in stock items can be shipped the same day. Our software is integrated so you will receive email notifications and have the ability to track your package(s) as soon as the shipping label is created. Both FedEx & UPS pick up and drop off daily at Stanley.
    Other Freight Companies: Pick up and drop off as needed at Stanley Industries. Each day we have multiple truck lines dropping off and picking up. Our shipping and receiving hours are Monday-Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm EST.

    Contact a Stanley sales representative today to see which shipping option will be the best fit for your company.

  • Poly Bagging & Kits

    Our in-house packaging department has the equipment and resources to suit all your kitting needs. Stanley can package any combination of items and has the ability to produce hundreds of kits an hour. Assembly kits, fastener kits, and tool kits, are just some of the types of kits Stanley is currently providing to its customers. We can bag/box your kits, provide custom scannable labels, create instruction sheets (if necessary) and deliver or ship them right to your door with the fastest turn around time in the industry!

  • Usage & Data Tracking

    Data and usage tracking is used to collect data and analyze the amounts used of particular product(s) for a specified length of time. During the data collection period there will be no impact/inconvenience to your company; most will not even know that data is being tracked and collected. If implemented correctly usage & data tracking can help your company visualize trends & changes of products, enhance collaboration between departments, cut unnecessary costs, and less time will be spent organizing products. Ask a Stanley sales representative today about this value-added service.

Stanley Industries, Inc.

Fasteners and Industrial Supplies

For over 50 years, Stanley Industries has been Michigan’s top distributor of fasteners and industrial supplies. We currently stock over 50,000 types of fasteners and over 50 different types of industrial supply product lines. In addition to standard fasteners and industrial supplies Stanley stocks those hard to find items such as: Belleville conical washers, bolt & nut sets, lug packs, industrial piping hardware, trolley bolts, hose clamps, threaded rod, and studs.

Stanley is also proud to announce we now carry and stock rigging hardware! Galvanized cables, clamps, swage sleeves, thimbles, quick links, shackles, wire rope, and turnbuckles are just a few items we can provide. Contact us today for more information.

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